About Us

We like simple. We like quick and easy. We like stress free.

MYNEXT.SPACE has been going from strength to strength, its humble beginning and approach has remained and is routed in the service it provides to its customers. Our growth has been organic and we believe this is something to be proud of.

We began our business with managing HMO properties for Landlords in early 2017 and gradually offered General Management services and Sales. We have been working with many investors who have large portfolios down to a Landlord with only one property but one thing in common is the service we deliver will always be the same.

Our staff are always willing to go the extra mile and believe that we should offer a unique experience to all our customers and look for ways to better our service by taking advantage of new technology and innovations at our disposal.

In 2019 MYNEXT.SPACE decided it would work closely with local authorities and Landlords to provide rental accommodation for tenants to move in. This has been a great thing for everyone with vetting carried out by us and the local authorities and working closely with tenants has meant we have provided landlords a steady income and a home to tenants that would have to deal with ongoing stigma attached to DSS.

We cover a large area and our services cover all areas of London and the outskirts of the M25.

Call us if you want to discuss your needs.

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